API & Third Party Application Integration

Many businesses are now integrating multiple systems into their web applications. For example, an e-commerce site might be integrated with offline accounting software, an inventory database, and a CRM system.

Below are just some examples of third party applications that can be used to improve the efficiency and quality of your custom website:

  • Credit card processing

    Securely process credit cards in real time with systems such as Authorize.Net.

  • CRM Systems

    If you have a third party CRM system managing your customers, it can be integrated into your website allowing customers to login and do anything from updating their information to placing orders. This allows your organization to keep a single location for all your data while adding a second interface to utilize the data.

  • Google Maps

    With the introduction a few years ago of an API for Google Maps, it has become the most popular and versatile mapping application for website integration.

  • Inventory

    Integrate your site with your current inventory system either with real time third party integration or daily batch processing.

  • Statistics

    Track the success of your site by learning not only how popular your site is or specific sections are but how people navigate and get to each section.

Our third party application integration services provide easy real-time access to 3rd party systems for processes such as e-commerce, flight or hotel reservation, order tracking that seamlessly integrate with your website.

Contact us and we’ll explore how to leverage your current applications with your website.

Payment Getaway

  • Paypal
  • Authorize.Net
  • Google Checkout
  • Credit Card
  • Bank API Integration and Shipping
  • UPS, USPS, DHL, FEDEX etc.