Call Centre Support

We manage your technology 24×7 so you do not have to worry about it. We provide system updates and upgrades, a knowledge base with information. A single point of contact for each of your issues and use flexible Organization methodology to immediately resolve issues and communicate with you.

Why SoftON Services?
SoftON Services include the skilled manpower and expertise to organize and manage huge inbound and outbound call centre services. Our entire team of technical experts comprise of qualified, well-versed and proficient call centre agents who can handle massive volumes of day to day calls professionally.
All our technical staff has to go through an in-house training aimed at bringing customer satisfaction. It starts from greeting customers over the phone calls and later continuing with the answering services including calls pertaining to lead generation, collections, sales, customer care programs, follow up calls, verifications market research and surveys.
SoftON Services can be your one-stop business process outsourcing outlet, if you seek to satisfy all your customer services, help desk functions, campaigns for email marketing, data entry, broadcasting, back office, website promotion, customer support, fax broadcasting, outbound telemarketing calls and more. Whatever may be your need for call centre outsourcing, make SoftON Services your choice to experience the best Business Process.
SoftON Services is ranked as one of the fastest growing business process in the Australia. It specializes in offering basic customer care services. With our robust infrastructure we embark to manage all our projects as efficiently as possible.