E-Commerce Management

In today’s global economy, electronic commerce or E-Commerce as it’s more commonly known. It is the Process of conducting business on the Internet or via electronic computer-enabled systems that are networked. In order to compete on a worldwide scale, many companies promote and sell their products and services by using an E-Commerce model on websites and through the efforts of online marketing and social media. E-Commerce management refers to how this process is handled in accordance to best business practices and international laws.

E-commerce Management on SoftON:
Being able to manage the overall process of maintaining an E-Commerce business is the responsibility of skilled E-Commerce management professionals. The entire E-Commerce system is handled by an in-house team of skilled information technology and sales professionals. Our E-Commerce services include customer options for payment and shipping as well as merchant options for business management and promotion. For customer convenience, e-commerce payment choices often include more alternatives than offline purchases. We develop different kinds of E-Commerce Management tools with which you can save huge money through not recruiting manager.

  • Through this type of software, each member of the supply chain retains control and responsibility for inventory levels. Most companies that utilize supply chain management software build productivity and performance into the contract with the supplier.
  • elect a vendor with experience in the client firm’s industry, with firms of the same size as the client and with a track record of excellent service after the installation. Small firms buying off-the-shelf business management software should evaluate the manufacturer’s customer support by the same criteria.

Our E-Commerce Design
Stylish design and a consistent brand are key in increasing confidence of a customer and persuading them to complete a purchase on an E-Commerce website. So is functionality, and as such a good user experience is also an integral part of the design process when we create E-Commerce websites.

We design & build beautiful E-Commerce websites in-house that work; Carefully thought through and optimized to ensure you maximize sales. Our team has many years experience creating more than 100s of E-Commerce websites and brands.

Our E-Commerce Development
We create E-Commerce websites that are second to none both technically & visually. Our solutions commonly include a fully integrated warehouse management system helping to streamline business processes.

We help clients create new sales channels and ultimately grow profits. We have many years of experience developing E-Commerce websites, and a keen awareness of what it takes to generate sales online in all markets

Our E-Commerce Integration
Our E-Commerce platform Cascade is a complete multichannel E-Commerce solution for online retailers. Sell on multiple channels including eBay, Amazon & Play, and link the whole lot to your own E-Commerce website. Streamline business processes, inc. picking packing & shipping.

Integrate across multiple platforms including accounting, CRM, fulfilment, carriers & multiple sales channels.Dynamic Amazon & Play repricing and always a 0% turnover fee