E-Commerce / Online Shopping Cart Solution

Why Ecommerce Solutions?

Ecommerce solutions help you create a professional, cost-effective online store–selling whatever you want, whenever you want. With lower overhead than physical retail store locations, online stores attract more customers because customers know they can get things cheaper on the Internet than by shopping in person. This means that your new ecommerce cart can become the ticket to the sales growth you’ve been itching for.

Whether you’re selling bamboo chopsticks, beach towels, or baby clothes, you can sell them to a wider audience and with lower operating costs if you have an online store. If you don’t have a physical store location right now, you do not necessarily need one in today’s marketplace. In fact, the overhead costs of a retail store can be crippling in the current retail environment. Consider that most retail stores are currently experiencing an erosion in sales, as online shopping takes over a larger chunk of the business.

If you sell online, that doesn’t mean that you should close your physical store location (if you have one). Many people will continue to shop in person. In particular, stores with a high level of service, community, and uniqueness will continue to do well. Generic retail stores (particularly small businesses) are particularly vulnerable to sales slump. In the next ten years, the competition among retail stores will be fierce, with many retail centers closing down. Having the best ecommerce solution available may be all that keeps many stores in business during this time of shrinking stores.

Launch a New Business

You can use an ecommerce solution to build a business from scratch. By operating online, and not having to keep up a physical storefront, you can keep your operate costs much lower than your competitors (particularly if they’re still operating on the old business model, with a fancy storefront). If you pass along some of this savings to your customers (so they can get products from your online store cheaper than if they shop at the competition), then– bingo! — you have a successful business model. You can offer products conveniently to your customers at a lower price than they can get elsewhere.

Grow Your Current Business

Online stores are a great way to boost your company’s sales. You might only have retail store space for a limited amount of products, but with an ecommerce business you can store products in a warehouse and ship them out before they even enter the store. You can also use an online store to sell additional products, which you can choose to keep and inventory in your retail store. If you do it this way, you might want to have employees fill online orders during the times of the day when the store doesn’t have many customers. When online orders start coming in quicker, you can hire a part time employee to fill orders (coming in once or twice a day, or as needed).

Small business ecommerce solutions can expand customer base quickly and introduce new products in a cost-effective way. By using an ecommerce software solution, you can keep daily (or even hourly) inventories of products and sales and take orders online 24 hours a day, without hiring additional sales staff.

Keep Costs Down

You can usually sell to online customers cheaper than you could in a physical store. Instead of keeping products displayed on store shelves, you can store them in a warehouse or budget office space. Instead of taking every order personally (or paying someone to stand around in between customers), you can take orders online constantly, at no additional cost. With an ecommerce business, you can also operate 24 hours a day in a cost effective way. You don’t have to pay employees to work around the clock, on weekends, or on holidays. Effective ecommerce solutions perform the work of several employees, for a fraction of the price.

Our Features

  • Shopping cart setup
  • General store settings
  • Display settings
  • Email settings
  • Product catalog
  • Specials, discounts, and other marketing features
  • Shipping options
  • Payment options
  • Affiliate management
  • Order management and reporting
  • Storefront features
  • Search engine friendliness
  • AJAX-enhanced shopping cart features
  • QuickBooks synchronization (optional)
  • Dreamweaver Extension
  • Full source code
  • PA-DSS validated ecommerce software (for PCI compliance)
  • Constantly updated User Guide
  • Other related features as per client’s requirment.