Free Press Release Submission

If you are a business organisation or a website owner our free press release facility is the ideal solution for improving your brand awareness. SoftON has high professional specialists in the distribution of free press releases.

We offer a free press release submission service. Literally thousands of organisations use us each day for submitting press releases. Use us to increase search engine results and to reach your target visitors. If you are looking for professional press release formats including live URLs in your press releases we offer “pay as you go” options available to suit your varying needs. We have recently upgraded and archived all our old releases.

Online press release distribution is a very easy go to activity for any site needing a quick profile boost and guaranteed back links. Allocate a suitable topic and then writing a release that brings the news in a professional, engaging manner is often the most difficult part. It is a skill and one often littered with failed attempts before the perfect formula clicks. Having done the very hard work and mastered online news releases, it is important that the outlets you select for distribution do your PR justice.

When completing a press release it’s important to understand a few basic rules

  • Keep it fresh, comment on new developments in your organisation or website.
  • Write as a 3rd person.
  • Make sure the press release is well written in terms of punctuation and grammar.
  • Have an interesting title and summary.
  • Do not uses a press release to spam, press releases should be written for the receivers enjoyment.

SoftON reserve the right to moderate all press releases, any submission if considered bad taste or solely written for search engine benefit will be removed from our database. We check all the submissions, if they are good quality and unique, we will distribute them through our network.

For free press release submission contact us.