Google Analytics and Indexing

Google Analytics at SoftON

SoftON offering expert suggestions based on analysis of data on their respective Google analytics dashboard. We regularly monitor the metrics to keep the track of bounce rate and advice modifications to web pages in order to increase the conversion rates. One of our processes is to perform A/B testing of advertisements on landing pages. We do regular analysis of e-commerce and track for each sale for user base, location traffic source, keywords used AVG time. Although A/B testing is very useful, it at times has limitations. Multivariate testing is very helpful to analysing the combinations of multiple elements. As it can get dramatic results by varying online factors such as design, copy, and images this element helps to be ahead in the competitive market. We do not just look at your web analytics data, but actually analyse your web site for problems and provide suggestions for a better user experience to increase your ROI.

Installation & Setup

If you are not sure from where to start with Google Analytics, or need expert advice on installation and configuration, let’s talk with us. Although Google Analytics is simpler than other alternatives, proper installation can sometimes be technical. In fact, most accounts we have seen have not been setup to produce optimum results.

We have installed Google Analytics hundreds of times over the past few years. Contact Us for assistance with setup and installation.

Benefits of Google Analytics with us:

  • Working as per different Geographic locations so we can see where your visitors are coming from.
  • We provide complete details as per where your visitors are coming from whether it be organic search engines, Pay per click ads, referral websites or direct hits.
  • On the basis of this analysis we can guide you which campaigns bring u cash flow by doing a research on number of hits sale pages.
  • We help you explain about the pages which bring maximum traffic.

Our Google Analytics Services include:

  • Google Analytics implementation
  • Google Analytics Configuration
  • Consulting & Business Analytics
  • Reporting and improvement of website design
  • Customization and segmentation of analytics services

Issue Support & Consulting

Using Google Analytics but stumped with an issue, problem or bug that you just can’t figure out? Do you need help analyzing your data and making strong business decisions? Contact Us without hesitating. We surely can help you.

Google Indexing

Google is the market leader when it comes to search engines. You can understand how important it is that your website is Google indexed. It is the first step in reaching out to your undeveloped consumer groups. It is important that you retain a Google Indexing Service that has mastered the search engine algorithms and can give you results.

The most important thing that influences Google Indexing is the Meta Keyword. Keywords play a very vital role in Google Indexing and also in the ranking of your website. Unique keywords that have been highly searched are required for this. Our Google Indexing Service can help your website gain an extensive advantage over its competitors.

We can do Trustworthy Google Indexing Service for you

  • We do dedicated and extensive research on Google algorithm, spiders and robots which are deployed periodically to inspect your website.
  • These spiders and robots look out for your Meta Keyword. We on our part ensure that your web page is tagged with the accurate keywords and facilitates quick indexing by the search engine.
  • When you hire our Google Indexing Service, our SEO analysts make a thorough research on your competitor websites and create unique keywords.
  • Google eagerly waits for rich content and most popular keywords on rich content for quick indexing. Our Google indexing service gives you recommendations on your content so that is rich with keywords. We can also offer you our value added services whereby we can provide you SEO optimized content written by our professional writers.
  • We do keyword research, trend market updates and non-spam methods in order to help you reap the benefits of our superior Google Indexing Service.
  • Trustworthy Google Indexing can be done in many ways but we use various SEO white hat methods only that have been tried and tested.
  • We will do accurate and legal Search Engine Optimization of your website and this will index your site in Google for sure.
  • We take the challenge and get your site Trustworthy Google indexed.

For more details please Contact Us.