HRM/CRMS Solutions

HRM means a web based database, which can be operated automatically. It keeps the logging details of employee’s login and logout time. SoftON’s HRMS System is a portal based integrated Human Resources eBusiness Suite. A Rich Internet Application (RIA) can cover all demeanor of Human Resources Management over the internet. Unlike other HR products, where internet support is added only as reconsideration and where the product support only one HR module, it is conceived as an application that supports assorted HR modules and business convention, with rich internet and business appearance that cover all appearance of human management based on the best convention in the market.

Some reasons of why you should consider SoftON:

  • Reliability: It has a proven record of accomplishment of being relevant and reliable. Over 100 customers and over 100K, users are using our product. Many of our customers have chosen us over other leading ERP (Enterprise resource planning) based HR software systems because we fits their all business requirements more appropriately, without the complexity, time and cost associated with traditional systems.
  • Depth of Functionality: It spans the entire HR process spectrum and provide the widest (depth of functionality) HR product available in the entire market.
  • Single Product Focus: We are a vendor with single product focus. We have domain experts and researchers with vision and focus to continuously add value to the products.
  • Cost: We provide the lowest TCO (Total cost of ownership) amongst comparable systems.
  • Modular Deployment: This modular nature allows the choice of specific modules, instead of the entire suite. This flexibility helps in answering specific requirements and reduces the costs.
  • Domain Knowledge: companies belonging to 19 different verticals, Prominent being Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Processed Foods, Packaging, Construction, FMCG, IT/ITES, BFSI, and Telecom etc are using our product. This enabled us to incorporate some of the HR best practices of these verticals in the product.
  • User Friendliness: Organizations choosing us need not employ certified professionals on their payroll to operate and teach others. Everyone can be operated it.
  • Empower: Empowers the HR by giving them field level access. Thus eliminating the requirement to rely on trained experts to make changes in the forms.
  • Customizations: Our product is very customizable to suit needs of an organization’s HR processes. The time and cost involved in making the customizations in any ERP HRMS is humongous.
  • Integration: It can be made to work seamlessly with most major ERP, Payroll and Finance systems you may have running. With us as your primary portal front-end, integrating with all your other IT investments at the back-end, users have the benefit of a single, intuitive virtual workplace to better manage key functional and business processes, communication and knowledge.
  • Knowledge Transfer: Training for our products is conducted by the principal and by it certified partners. This ensures accountability, clarity and strong delivery of knowledge.
  • Support: We support services are managed by the principal, not by a third party. This ensures quick response and efficient issue management.

CRM (Customer relationship management)means also a web based database, which can be operated automatically. It keeps the sales history. Through the CRM, a purchase manager can be informed from which vendor he needs to purchase the goods. CRM links data team, sales team and purchase manager. Proper use of CRM can ensure maximum profit level.
The cloud based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool is all about easy. We barbarize many of your annoying tasks in sales, marketing and customer abutment business processes. Cloud based CRM makes information sharing is easy and mechanical, so it is elementary for all the members of your team to get on, and stay on, the same page.

Designed by Salespeople, for Salespeople: What sets we apart from all the other CRM systems is the fact that salespeople for salespeople designed it. That means it is easy to use, easy to get started and easy on your wallet. Moreover, a good CRM system that actually gets used can have a huge impact on your company’s sales and success.

Here are a few other key details about SoftON:

  • Designed for ease of use, quick access to essential information, built-in analysis, mobility, security, and scalability.
  • A cloud based system that is accessible from any web browser, so it is inherently mobile.
  • Provides collection and disbursement of data IN REAL TIME!
  • Built in analytics let you perform data analysis and generate charts and visuals on the fly.
  • Key information is displayed up front on the home page to give you instant access to announcements, appointments, tasks, contacts, information, links, history, accounts, the data funnel, forecasting, and reports.
  • Scalable and affordable because pricing is per user, automatically scaling according to the size of your organization.

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